The secrets to decorating in one colour scheme

A monochromatic colour scheme offers you simplicity and harmony in a space which you can’t get from other colour schemes. We are going to take a look and explore the secrets of decorating using this...
25 June 2019

Small rooms, big ambitions

Living in a bustling metropolis can be awesome. I mean, who doesn’t love instant convenience, world-renowned shopping, great music venues and meeting extraordinary people. But what isn’t awesome...
19 June 2019

A Professional Organizer’s Secrets to an Organized Home

Re-painting your home provides the perfect opportunity to reorganize your home and create a peaceful home that you love being in. There's no...
31 March 2019

Choosing quality paint

Choosing quality paint As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. This couldn’t be truer for when it comes to buying quality premium paint.
05 January 2019

How to choose paint colours for your home

Struggling to select the right colours for your house or latest renovation project? With so many colours to choose from, determining the right...
05 January 2019