Choosing quality paint

Choosing quality paint As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. This couldn’t be truer for when it comes to buying quality premium paint.

By Imago Painting Solutions
05 January 2019

Why should I choose premium paint?

We know the temptation is there to save money and with premium paint, you will ultimately save money as well as work and time.  Quality paint goes on the surface much easier, covers the surface much better and, importantly, lasts much longer.  It also looks more impressive with a quality finish.

As premium paints feature higher volumes of solid materials such as pigment and binder, these paints dry into a thicker film, affording much better coverage.  With cheap paints, you may have to apply more coats as it dries into a thinner film.

And because they boast increased levels of premium pigment, high quality paints are more durable, retain their colours better and are more chalk resistant to harsh exterior conditions such as ultraviolet rays.

In a nutshell, premium paint stays looking better for much longer than cheap paint. With their compromised quality and finish, cheap paints end up costing you much more money in the long run due to their inferior coverage and lack of durability, with a propensity to chalking easily. They demand another paint job much sooner and will be more expensive to strip back and redo. 

Why use a cheap paint that could last only five years when a quality paint could last you 15 years?

Also, the process of painting itself can be a messy proposition and another - often under-appreciated - benefit of quality paints is that they’re quicker and easier to clean up. 


How do I choose a premium paint?

Price is the best indicator when it comes to choosing a premium quality paint. 

It’s safe to stick with the big names – renowned paint brands such as Dulux, Taubmans, Wattyl, Haymes, Resene and Bristol.   

When considering paint quality options within one manufacturer’s line of paints, price is the best way to compare them. The more expensive paint in the line will be higher quality as the manufacturer charges more for the paint’s quality ingredients.

A local independent paint specialist can help provide expert advice on selecting the correct paint.  At Imago, we provide digital imaging and colour consulting based on paint colours from the big names.  

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