Small rooms, big ambitions

Living in a bustling metropolis can be awesome. I mean, who doesn’t love instant convenience, world-renowned shopping, great music venues and meeting extraordinary people. But what isn’t awesome about city living are the sky-high property prices and small living spaces.

19 June 2019

Maximising your space with paint colours and paint tricks

What if we told you that you could create more room without knocking down any walls? Like most things in life, colour and perception are everything. Using the right colours, you can turn a small space into something much more open, vibrant and inviting. We could all do with a bit more room so here are a few economic colour tips and tricks in paint perception that will maximise your space and make a small room seem much bigger.

Thinking beyond white

Yes, white is bright so it can make your room seem larger and more spacious but just like you, our colour consultants like to think beyond just white. It can a bit boring, stiff and give off a cold feel. That’s why we suggest adding some warmth and excitement into the mix with touches of soft pinks, off-whites, light greys and light neutrals.

Raising the roof

Having a low ceiling doesn’t have to be a claustrophobic issue - you can “raise” it up by painting it in a lighter colour than the rest of your space. It will suddenly seem like you had a high ceiling all along, easily creating that spacious and breezy feeling throughout the room.

If you have a low ceiling but a big enough space you can also raise the roof by painting vertical stripes on the walls. This will extend the room upwards and seemingly create more distance between the floor and ceiling.

Stretching the walls

As opposed to raising the roof, we can also “stretch” the walls. Painting horizontal stripes on a wall can make your room seem longer. The stripes can instantly elongate the space, visually widening a small and narrow room.

Pushing those walls back

You can “push” your walls back without knocking them down. Just paint your wall trimmings and mouldings lighter than the rest of your walls. This will make the walls seem further back in comparison and give the appearance that your living space is larger than it is. Our expert graphic designers go into this much detail, including all wall trimmings, small mouldings and more during their digital renders.

Making it bright with reflective light

Dark colours absorb light and bright colours reflect light. A room which is reflecting light will make your space appear bigger. Use colours that have a lot of natural white in them. This will allow the natural light to bounce of the walls, opening up and creating more visual space.

Create an accent wall

Painting one wall in a bright strong colour can give the room a greater sense of depth and space. A strong colour on a feature wall can add to the visual length of a short room. It creates an optical illusion that there’s actually more space in the room by creating a natural focal point.

Choosing monochrome colours

Using the same colour but in different shades can make your space appear larger. Subtlety is key. A few shades help elements blend together, leading the eye around the room. And yet use too many shades and you run the risk of the room feeling too busy.

It’s all about you

A small living space doesn’t have to be a burden. You can create the visual space you need by being clever with colours and utilising stripes. No matter what colour you end up choosing, seeing it on your wall first is important. If you’re still overwhelmed with colours, our colour consultant can help you maximise your space’s potential.

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